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Design Awards

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And The 2013 Winners:

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Adaptive Reuse
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Projects Under 300K  

Congratulations to:

Residential Category
HONOR - Williams Blackstock Architecture – Redella Residence
Jury Comments – Project is well done, elegant and well designed. Good details, nice roof terrace and stair, thoughtful kitchen. Good proportions, materials, scale and contextual. We would enjoy spending a weekend there.
MERIT – bDot Architecture – Residence 4149
Jury Comments – Nice wrap-around porch. Good view of vernacular, nicely resovled details and materials.

Commercial Category
HONOR - GA Studio – BLH International Group Headquarters
Jury Comments – Sophisticated planning and detail, well executed overall. Very well done, great concept and excellent details. Wonderful and thoughtful diagram, consistent and strong realization.
MERIT – Michael Gibson/Kyle D’Agostino – GRAF Development
Jury Comments – Good ideas for program, context and materials. Nice materials and palette, great mixed use brings it to life.

Institutional Category
HONOR- GA Studio- Cardio Vascular Associates Clinic
Jury Comments- Good site planning, clear concise orientation, good detail & use of prefab module. Great details, cost consideration, Innovative in every sense, beautiful building.
MERIT- Design Initiative- Crestwood Park
Jury comments: Good before & after images. Nice- clean and simple. Details consistent, not trying too hard.

Detail Category
MERIT- bDot Studio- Detail 3
Jury Comments: Nicely thought through. The joints are a great way to exploit plywood. Good use of joinery. I like the ability to assemble and disassemble. Great for college kids, traveling from place to place. Creative, innovative, fun. Worthy investigation of a goal.

Renovation/ Adaptive Reuse Category
HONOR- Dungan Nequette Architects- Dungan Nequette Office Space
Jury comments: Subtle, simple, elegant. Very nice office- exterior much improved. Well conceived, good use of materials- warm & cozy. Would love to work in this office.
HONOR- GA Studio- 820 Shades Creek Parkway Renovations
Jury comments: Very smart intervention. Huge impact from minimal change. Transformation, good example of how doing a little goes a long way. Great landscape and bridge. Not about architecture, but out human experiences. Good job.
MERIT- Dungan Nequette Architects- Shaias
Jury Comments: Good design, simple, straightforward, clarity of idea. Very nice- wish the arch band was wider. Handsome, simple, nice restraint.
MERIT- Design Initiative- Private Residence
Jury comments: Nice project. Nice pallet & details. Smart moves.
MERIT- Williams Blackstock Architects- Shades Valley YMCA
Jury Comments: good intervention introducing natural light.  Nice detailing & composition. Simple but strong gesture.

Under $300,000.00 Category
HONOR: Live Design Group- Live Design Group Office
Jury comments: Clever ideas with simple materials. Nice job- good use of warm materials in a flexible space. Open and closed conference room is very good.

Interior Category
HONOR: Dungan Nequette Architects- Balch & Bingham Law Offices
Jury comments: Simplicity. Light, clean, airy, transforms a law firm. Very comfortable.
MERIT: Cohen Carnaggio Reynolds- Baker Donelson
Jury Comments: Good sense of geometry, use of color & restraint.
MERIT: bDot Architecture- 29th Street Studio
Jury comments: good use of materials. Nice work transforming building into an inspiring entry.

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